Wave Sound Acoustic Absorption Foam

project overview



Wave sound absorption foam : 12 m/m, 15 m/m, 20 m/m & 25 m/m. 


Flat sound absorption foam : thickness 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 30 m/m, 40 m/m.


Venting acoustic wool : thickness in 3 m/m, 5 m/m, 7 m/m, 9 m/m, 12 m/m,15 m/m. 


Size of acoustic foam : 90cm x 120cm120cm x 900cm applicable to venting sound-absorbing wool


Products in black, gray, blue, red and purple available. Special cuttings according to customer designs.





l   This material is the open cell synthetic rubber forming.


l   Fireproof , self-extinguished, non-combustible,and non-spontaneous combustible traits,

     beautiful in design, durability,high safety. (Fireproof level is UL 94V-0 level)


l   Heat-proof 130ºC, cold proof-58ºC, oil proof,acid proof (corrosion resistance).


l   High sound-absorbing rate/good soundpoor effect,high tension, vibration-absorbing,bump-proof,venting effect.

l   Soft material with elasticity,noise lowering, protecting wall,preventing from bump.


l   Can be with backing, and is easy for construction or a DIY





l   Public MRT construction, automobile engine and body, sound-absorbing/soundproof effect for vessel compartment.


l   Engine room in building, factory of hi-tech industry, air-con engine room, generator, compressor.


l   Beautifully designed which is applicable to theater, dancing hall, KTV, stereo room, daily life, game room, renovation for compartment, floor vibration-absorbing effect.