Thermal Insulation Sheet NP-620

project overview


Various pipings in factory, drinking fountain, hot water heater, building, vehicle, vessel and air conditioning facilities, such as hot water pipe, various liquid or gas ducts for thermal insulation, cold preservation and prevention of cold surface condensation.


  • The low-density hermetic air foam structure is characterized by low K value of thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Therefore, is extremely effective in heat insulation to save the energy consumption.
  • The hermetic air foam system prevents the infiltration of water content. Besides, it is low in water absorption.
  • Shock absorption, soft, flexible, it is easy to cut and install. it may save the labor and materials.
  • Applicable range of temperature is great, from -58ºC to 130ºC.
  • It is excellent in climate resisting and durable.
  • An organic material with specially formulated noninflammable substances.

     it is a selfextinguishing material proven in combustion test according to However,

     the test results are not reflecting the actual conditions in a fire site.